About the WNY Veterans Memorial

The WNY Veterans Memorial at Knox Farms State Park is centered on an 80% scale model of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. This dramatic backdrop will serve as the centerpiece to a broader installation recognizing Veterans of conflicts dating to the Revolutionary War.

We all have heroes, men and women whose selfless dedication defines who they are. From athletes to superheroes, first responders to teachers, parents to community volunteers – their feats of service are often taken for granted.
This could not be truer than in the case of our nation’s Veterans.

Those who served in the armed forces of the United States deserve our recognition. While wonderful memorials dot the countryside from coast to coast, few recognize all the conflicts.

An all volunteer group of grateful members of our community made up of members of Veterans organizations that include the American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Sons of the Legion, the Aurora Vietnam Veterans, the Legion Riders, the Forty and Eight, would like to do just that. The planned Veterans Memorial at Knox Farm State Park will honor all Veterans, living
or deceased, who served our nation in times of conflict and in times of peace. The memorial is a major project that will include monuments to each conflict as well as special tributes to each branch of service. The artist’s renderings of the
concept shows how the project will look and how it will be sited at Knox Farms State Park.


How You Can Get Involved?


The installation is being designed as a destination that both celebrate and interpret the history and contributions of all veterans